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Combine cross country skiing with rifle shooting

The biathlon is a winter sport that combines physical exertion and extreme concentration. In a specially reserved space and guided by one of our specialist instuctors, you can safely learn the art of biathalon with a laser rifle. On a competitive level, biathalon is treated as a race where the contestant with the shortest total time wins. Depending on the competition, missed shots result in extra distance or time being added to the contestant's total.

The benefits of participating in Biathlon are many:

  • Fun -  While some may consider cardio based sports to be boring, Biathlon races are quite exciting. The skiing is done in laps with bouts of shooting between each lap. Actual lap times are in the 6 to 10 minute range and with 4 types of races  there are races for everyone. Training is also fun with participation and training in complementary sports such as cycling, kayaking, swimming, weight training, and trail running.

  • Fitness - Biathlon and XC-skiing are "for life" sports. They promote a healthy lifestyle and because they are low impact athletes can participate well into old age. There is also a very low injury rate in Biathlon. Biathletes are some of the fittest athletes on the planet and XC-skiing is a great training tool for other sports.

  • Mental Training - Shooting well demands concentration, precision, and self-awareness. Learning to remain calm and focussed while under high levels of physical and mental stress is a skill we can all use!  Athletes also compete in all kinds of weather conditions, courses as well as learning to deal with missing shots (and doing the penalty laps or taking the time penalty). In Biathlon you learn to deal with adversity and challenges outside of your control and become mentally stronger for it.

  • Firearm Safety - The sport of Biathlon puts safety as the top priority. Biathlon rifles are small caliber (.22) bolt action rifles. 

  • Family - Biathlon is a sport where no one has to sit on the sidelines. All age groups compete on the same days in the same location. Age groups run from age 8 to Masters athletes. At practices parents can xc-ski the same trails the kids are using, or go snowshoeing, or go sledding with the younger kids, or cheer on the athletes.

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